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Home Interior and Exterior: Window Designs For Your Home

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It is important to know the different kinds of window designs available for your home. Not all designs are suitable for all climates and environments, so it is important to understand the various window types before you purchase any particular style of window for your home. Here is a brief summary of the different kinds of windows that you have in your home:

Solid Wood – This is a kind of window that is made up of one or more panels made from solid wood, usually with a solid color such as oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, or pine. The solid wood type usually has a single color such as white, cream, or gray. These are the easiest type to clean and keep dust and dirt out. They are great for any interior design as they can be painted, stained, and even varnished, making them ideal for the interior of homes.

Double-Hinged – These windows can be either a single-hung unit or two hung units. The double-hung style features a single panel, the inner panel being placed at the bottom of the window, and the outer panel being placed above the inner panel. These windows are perfect for any type of interior design because the colors and styles are easy to blend with the other decor.

Louvered – These window styles feature sliders on the inside of the window that open and close the window when a fan is turned on. These are great for any type of room in the home because they offer privacy, light control, and increased insulation. These are also the most energy-efficient kind of window, so they are the best choices for homes with heating and air-conditioning systems. They are often used as an addition to homes that already have double-hung styles because these are easier to install.

Glazed – The glazed style is a double-hung type with glass panes that are installed in between two panels. These windows allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering through your windows without having to block the windows altogether. The glazed variety is especially popular with older homes that need to be modernized. These designs are not as energy efficient as the double-hung type, and have a shorter lifespan than the double-hung variety, but their prices tend to be much lower.

If you need to purchase a new type of window for your home, be sure to do your research before you make the final purchase. Make sure to choose the type of window that fits your needs and that will give you the privacy you want. And light control you need. For the best Alpharetta, GA replacement windows for your home, business, or building, trust the dedicated window professionals.