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Choosing the right binding for your documents is vital for ensuring that they’ll stay together. The right style of binding conveys a particular message about the content of your documents. Perfect binding involves attaching a cover to a stack of paper, creating a spine with a rectangular shape. The binding can also be customized to the size of your document. Saddle stitch binding is a more simple option, folding the stack of papers in half and stapling them together. Saddle stitch binding is often used for event programs or program booklets.

Spiral Coil Binding

Spiral coil binding services can create a wide range of different book sizes. The coil is usually made of a durable plastic material that resembles a spring. The coil is inserted through small holes in the spine of the book. It is then crimped on both ends to prevent unraveling. The spiral coil can be either plastic or metal. Plastic spiral coils tend to resist distortion better than metal ones and are often better for mailing purposes.

Spiral coil binding is best for books with low or high page counts. Because spiral binding uses multiple sheets, it can handle low and high page counts equally well. The coils used in spiral binding are typically two inches in diameter and can accommodate a maximum page block thickness of 1.75″. Spiral coil binding services are also available for small and medium-sized print jobs. The cost of spiral coil binding services varies depending on the quantity.

Velo binding

In addition to offering the usual bookbinding services, Velo binding is an excellent option for creating bound documents that have a unique look. This process involves punching small holes along the edge of the book and inserting rigid plastic tines into these holes. The strips then wrap around the edge of the binding to create a secure bind. Generally, Velo binding is used for documents that are shared among multiple readers. It is best suited for legal and business contexts, which are where a large number of people will be reading the document.

The benefits of velo binding are numerous. Compared to the coil binding, it provides lock-in-place security. It is ideal for binding long-form documents. It also offers the same functionality as coil binding. A print shop can tailor their services to the type of paper, ink, and size of your documents. It’s important to remember that different materials can have different aesthetic and functional benefits. While a simple reference book doesn’t require special stocks, marketing materials, and presentation materials may require specific stocks.

Perfect Binding

Whether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to stitch binding or a way to create a professional-looking publication, Perfect Binding is a great solution. Perfect binding is a process in which a paper cover is attached to a document’s spine using a flexible adhesive. The process is fast, simple, and best suited for short-term use. Moreover, perfect-bound documents can be printed in full color, which can be very beneficial if you want to add additional branding to your materials.

Perfect-bound books require different levels of quality. The cover and spine widths vary according to the page number and paper weight. Perfect-bound books usually have a spine width that ranges from 12 to 14 millimeters. The pages of a perfect-bound project are carefully stacked and trimmed so that the edges of the binding are clean and even. The covers can also be clear-coated for improved durability.

FedEx Office

The Jacksonville print shop offers a variety of services for your business. From digital color printing to book binding, you can find all your needs at a FedEx Office print shop. And if you’re not quite ready to take the leap to full-scale print production, you can always take advantage of their self-service copying. These printing facilities use quality printing equipment and offer FedEx Ground shipping for your convenience.

The print shop offers a wide range of binds and types of bookbinding. For instance, you can choose from comb binding, saddle stitch binding, or spiral binding. You can also choose between the front and back covers of your presentation and even customize them with your company’s logo. FedEx Office offers a variety of binding options, including perfect binds for all softcover books. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be happy with the final product.

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