Auto Maintenance – Checking Your Oil

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Whether you own a Dodge Ram or another American muscle car, it is important to perform regular auto maintenance. The best time to perform this service is when the car is still new; usually when the engine is still under factory warranty. However, many people forget to do this service until they have several thousand miles on their cars.

Oil changes are not simply a lubricant change; they are also necessary to protect the engine parts. Cracked oil filters and dirty oil lines are the most common reason that an engine will fail. When these filters are dirty, they attract dust and dirt and build up an oily film over the surfaces of the engine. This causes the engine to clog and run poorly. In addition, changing the oil can help extend the life of the engine by protecting it from the harsh elements of nature.

Before performing an oil change, it is important to thoroughly wash the outside of the engine. Be sure to wash away all theof the loose dirt and dust before you start any work. If you are performing the change under the car, be sure to disconnect the battery cables first. Otherwise the battery cables could become a fire hazard if they are left on while the oil is being changed.

If your engine is still running properly, you should check the oil filter. If the filter is dirty, this can cause the engine to stop. Remove the old oil filter and place it in a container for proper disposal.

Once you have performed the auto maintenance and cleaned the engine compartment, you should check the level of the engine oil. If it is low, you should refill the oil and start the engine. This is easy to do with the click of a button. Be sure to note the oil level before you fill the container. Many times people will top off the container and then forget about it. The engine may not start when you top it off.

Following these tips will help you perform an auto maintenance. Remember to check the level of the oil and refill the oil filter before you start any work on the engine. If the steps mentioned here do not correct the problem you are experiencing, consult Chicagoland auto repair company or dealer for further assistance. Changing the oil can keep the engine going for many miles.

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